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The Asociación de Vendedores Ambulantes project, in collaboration with PlayGround Do, PlayGround’s Communications department focused on social projects. I had the pleasure of being involved as a Brand Advisor in the first stage and a privileged witness. All I did was learn. The rest is “manteros” bravery, talent and magic.

1. The Asociación de Vendedores Ambulantes (a.k.a manteros) started their own business in order to become legal citizens. TOP MANTA was born. (June 2017)

2. That was a brilliant hack of the system, but they needed help making it a solid and long-term project (legal, business, design, logistics, marketing...).

3. PlayGround Do stepped in (Sept. 2017). It involved the necessary stakeholders to help them define TOP MANTA and designed a 360º communication plan to raise awareness.

4. After 10 months of workshops, paperwork, inbound marketing strategies and hard work they relaunched their brand. This time society was listening and they had something to say:


5. The campaign "finished" with a whole day event that closed with a touching catwalk (April 2018) The models? Themselves. The clothing? Theirs.

Want some KPI's? More than €1M in earned media , more than €60k in Goteo (still going!) and 1.773 sponsors. Oh! and a life chance. 


Here are some of the pieces of work that were published in PlayGround

1.TEASER: Let's talk about the issue first. What's going on with "manteros"?. The video set the debate and shed some light on the problem. The social conversation was on.                          

2.TOP MANTA IS OUT THERE! The resolution of the teaser. The "manteros" union has released their own brand based on their lives. Legal clothing made by illegal people.  The crowdfunding went live. Let's start!

3.LET'S NOT FORGET: This ain't finished. After the re-launch the conversation must go on.  More than 1.000 media impacts followed the debate. Now that the world is listening, let's keep talking. 

THE DESIGNS: Here are some of the "manteros'" (now, Creative Directors)  designs. *tap to activate the gallery

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TOP MANTA in the media: